Orthodontics for Adults

It’s never too late to benefit from Orthodontics. Dr. Smith and his wife both had braces as adults. This gives them a special perspective on how it can change lives at any age. Tamara had reservations about her smile, but growing up her parents could not afford treatment. While Dr. Smith was in school she finally had the courage to get braces. It was life changing. Once treatment was finished she loved having the added confidence to smile. This is part of the reason we chose our name, Freedom Orthodontics. When you can smile without reservation you feel free.

Dr. Smith decided to get braces while finishing his residency in Orthodontics.  He said it gave him a greater compassion for his patients and everything the experience entails. It even changed the way he treated his patients. He may have a more gentle hand because of it.  It is a challenge, but completely worth it.

Adults can choose from the following treatments depending on their medical needs:
• Invisalign
• Ceramic Brackets
• Traditional metal braces

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